An enduring beacon drawing all closer to Jesus.

Parish Archives


The Parish of St. Thomas’ Archives Committee seeks to preserve the Parish Vision “An enduring beacon drawing all closer to Jesus.”,  by making available to seekers and followers alike archival materials for historical research, genealogical and vital statistics purposes.

Restoration and conservation of acquired materials is an important part of the Committee’s mandate to ensure that the records of the various ministries, activities and events in the life of the Parish endure for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Archives ministry is dedicated to the collection/acquisition, arrangement, description, conservation and preservation of the permanent records of the Parish for the purpose of making the information they contain available upon request (with the exception of any restricted material) to the general public and registered researchers in particular.  The Committee encourages the preservation of all aspects of the Parish heritage and is committed to maintaining the high standards set by National and Provincial associations of Archives for the operation and management of archives.