An enduring beacon drawing all closer to Jesus.

Annual Work Plan


2013 Annual Work Plan

St. Thomas' Anglican Church

The Natural Church Development (NCD) process has been in use at St. Thomas for several years. It continues as an over arching concept to enable and enhance the activities of the parish. It also requires some activities of its own within the annual work plan.

The last NCD survey for St. Thomas' revealed that our 'shortest barrel stave' or weakest characteristic was, once again, Holistic Small Groups. Thus, Holistic Small Groups are our primary focus for the year. Healthy small groups reflect the kingdom of God and address the head, hands, and hearts of the participants of the group, i.e. their thoughts, actions and feelings.

Appreciation for our vision, 'To be an enduring beacon drawing all closer to Jesus,' was enhanced by the discussions at a Leadership gathering on January 19 where we contemplated how the "Old Garrison Church" can also be a beacon.

At the same Leadership Workshop some of the core values of the parish were determined
o be:

1.      Nurturing Relationships (with God, Jesus Christ and all people)

2.      Listening Prayer

3.      Welcoming Worship

4.      Living Communion

5.      Blessing Outreach

Considering our vision, these core values, and our mission statement; those gathered identified the following areas as priorities for 2013:

1.      Small Groups: nurturing relationships; fellowship; listening/sharing

2.       Youth and Family Ministry

3.       Outreach: that meets the expressed needs of the community.

4.       Worship: teaching (sermons); music; prayer; Eucharist.

5.       Prayer: central; connecting; over and among everything we do.

6.       Communication: more than just the sound system; as an integral part of every ministry; enhanced communication and reporting between ministries/committees and Vestry; the need for a long-term communications plan.

We believe that Communications is more of an important process than a ministry area and it will support and enhance all parish ministries, groups and activities.

Also identified at the workshop were the importance of ministry to seniors, and opportunities for evangelism, such as Alpha, Christmas Dinner, HMP, Emmaus House, and open, truthful conversations.This exercise produced very similar results to Vestry's visioning and strategic planning in late spring 2012, which led to the creation of new Priority Ministries to augment the ministry of the Rector and the Rev. Peter Young, who is responsible for Adult Spiritual Formation. The ministries were conceived, formed and launched in 2012, have been refined somewhat, and are now being piloted for 2013. The ministries are directed by, and accountable to Vestry. For 2013, these ministries and their leaders are as follows:

1.    Youth and Children's Ministry: Lesley-Anne Moore

2.    Seniors and Shut-Ins: Rev. Bill Rice (and Rev. Dr. Bob Rowlands after June)

3. Prison and After Care: Rick Tessier

4.    20s and 30s Ministry: Shawn Witcher

5.    Small Groups: Debbie Pantin

6.    Family Ministry: Karen Bennett


Many of the parish activities for 2013 involve small groups focusing on the spiritual disciplines of service, prayer, worship and study, so that parishioners are empowered to live out their lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

Adult Spiritual Formation:

Contemplative Bible Study, January - March (Rev. John Paul Westin)

Spiritual [ournaling, April - June (Rev. John Paul Westin)

Reading with Understanding, 3 weeks in April & October (Rev. Peter Young)

Home Alpha Groups, Spring and Fall (Rev. Peter Young & lay leaders)

Monthly Parish Gatherings with meal and speaker (Revs. Westin and Young)

Wednesday Lenten Luncheons - "Spiritual Gifts" (Coordinators: Glenn Myers & Audrey Tessier)

Wednesday Evening Lenten Services - "Fruit of the Spirit" (Revs. Westin and Young)

Sunday Sermon Series, "Abundant Life," 4 weeks, April-May (Rev. Westin)

Lenten Mission Services: "Healing," March 6-8 (Bishop Michael Hawkins)

Family Ministry:

The Marriage Course; The Marriage Preparation Course, 7 weeks: April & May
(Elaine Young and other lay leaders)

Advent Family Gatherings (Karen Bennett & Lesley-Anne Moore)

& Sunday School Teachers)

Seniors' Ministry:

Seniors' Alpha at Chancellor Park, February; elsewhere later (Rev. Bill Rice)

Weekly Bible Study, Fall (Rev. Dr. Bob Rowlands)

Quiet Day for Seniors, Spring (Rev. Bill Rice)

Prison and Aftercare:

Prison Alpha, [an-March & Sept-Nov (Alpha Team, Rev. Young, Rick Tessier)

Weekly Bible Studies at HMP, Ian-june (Rev. Westin and Rick Tessier)

Group Work, AA, NA, Brother T.!. Murphy Centre, etc. (Rick Tessier)

Celebrate Recovery, Fall (Rick Tessier and ecumenical group)
dership Training:

Vestry Retreats, Spring and Fall (Rector)

Leadership Monday Evenings, [an-Iune (Rev. Westin)

Youth Ministry:

Youth Group, Bi-weekly Ian-june & Sept-Dec (Lesley-Anne Moore)

Confirmation Group, Weekly Sept-Nov (Lesley-Anne Moore)

20s and 30s:

Celebration monthly; Social/outreach gathering monthly (Shawn Witcher and lay leaders)

Small Groups:

Continue familiarization meetings with small groups, including identifying their mandates, [an-March (Debbie Pantin)

Small group training, specific to the group (D. Pantin and others)

Liaison between small groups and Vestry, Clergy and Wardens



The Property Ministry sees itself as the stewards of "God's home on earth." The vision and mission of the parish is supported and enabled by the physical plant - the church, hall and grounds. For 2013, the Property Ministry plans to undertake the following;

The on-going repair and maintenance of the physical plant.

An initial site plan, exploring future options for the physical plant.

Initial work on the rehabilitation of the Church basement.

Other small capital projects.


Risks Identified

We believe that we have the resources necessary to carry out the projects and activities identified in the work plan. The greatest risks to implementing them would be decreased parish revenue and/or changes in personnel. It is already known that the rector will be leaving June 30. What is unknown is exactly what the clergy team will comprise after that date. There may be a new rector in place shortly afterwards or some interim arrangement may be required.

It will be important for revenue from budget envelopes and other sources, such as rentals and fundraising, to meet budget projections to support the ministry work of the parish.

With a 176-year old building, there is always the possibility that a serious repair/maintenance issue will arise.

Mitigating Factors

Budget envelope giving as oflate 2012 is strong;

The parking lot is fully rented;

There is a new rental arrangement with Shalloway for 2013;

Rev . Dr, Bob Rowlands is returning as an Honorary Assistant in late June;

Rev. Peter Young is committed to staying until mid-2014, lending important continuity to the ministry at St. Thomas'.

The Property Ministry and the Parish Administrator ensure that all necessary inspections are carried out in the church and hall;

The Capital Building Fund has a current balance of more than $170,000.