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Guatemala 2006

Guatemala Mission Trip: April 28th-May 9th, 2006

In late April of 2006, members of St. Thomas' Church joined a team from St. John's on a mission trip to Guatemala.  The team was made up of four teenagers and their chaperones.  The participants were: Reg and Gail MacDonald, Tolson Chapman, Janet Shapter, Jonathan MacDonald, Matthew Harvey, Lily McCall, and Katie Lahey.  They joined a group from St. Mary's church in St. John's.  During this trip, the group built four houses, one of which was sponsored by St. Thomas'.  The team also participated in children's ministries and food distribution.  One of the most memorable parts about the mission trip was the hearing testing that Reg did and the hearing aids that he was able to provide to 10 kids.  Jonathan MacDonald was able to connect with several deaf children by teaching them a few signs.  Within a short period of time, Jonathan had helped one little boy to sign 'I love you' to his mother for the first time.  The team also provided the school with a video phone so that the deaf children could have sign language instruction.  Janet had the opportunity to visit the family whose house she had worked on the previous year and found them doing very much better.

One of the youth members of the team, Lily McCall said," You can send all the money you want to these places, but the giving of your time and heart makes a world of difference to these wonderful people. We don't know how blessed we are until we've experienced this."