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Pilgrim is a course for the Christian Journey. The aim of the course is to help people become disciples of Jesus Christ. A pilgrim is a person on a journey. This course is designed to help the local church invite others to join the people of God on our great journey of faith.  It draws together small groups of people – usually about twelve -- those who are seasoned Christians with those who are new to the faith to help them learn about the Christian faith together. The course is divided into two units/stages, with a total of twelve separate lessons. Each six-week lesson explores the basics of the Christian faith such as The Lord’s Prayer, The Beatitudes, The Creeds, The Commandments, etc.  It is not a progressive course, hence, you can join at any time, although it is preferred that you complete Stage One before proceeding to the second stage/unit.

For details about the next scheduled course, please contact the Parish office.


The Inbetweeners (formerly known as 20s and 30s Group)

The Inbetweeners are a group of young(ish) people who get together biweekly for Bible study or book study, prayer and fellowship. Throughout the year they also enjoy participating in other events such as caroling to the elderly/shut-ins, watching movies, enjoying meals together and hosting meals for others.

Their demographic is difficult to define, but if you are:


  • in University (or not)
  • single (or not)
  • in your 20s or 30s (or not)
  • a parent (or not)
  • have a career (or not)
  • ...and you enjoy tea, cookies, and great discussions, join us!


Inbetweeners are more clearly defined by what they are not, which is NOT still in high school and NOT yet a senior citizen. Hence their new name: The Inbetweeners.*

For more information, or to find out about their upcoming events, please contact Jayde Eustace.

*No relation to the movie by the same name.


Rolland House Group

Coming Soon!




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